Lázně Bělohrad

Spa Bělohrad is a quiet town with more than 125 years of tradition.

The majority of clients coming to Lázně Bělohrad a.s. suffer from ailments of the locomotive system. These are mainly people with rheumatic illnesses, back pains, Bechterew’s Disease, arthritis, after an accident or orthopedic operation, with vertebrogenic root syndromes and mild peripheral paralysis. Another indication is the treatment of deforming scars resulting from injury or burns. However, in addition to classic therapeutic stays we also offer reconditioning and specially-tailored stays.


The Bělohrad Spa has a tradition of over one hundred years today. In 1872 the Bělohrad manor was purchased by Mr Dormitzer, a Prague industrialist, from Count Aichelburg and had a wooden hut with three bathrooms built on the left bank of the Javorka River. To be honest, the baths taken here had a purely cleansing purpose; however, the bath opening was a significant event.

The real formation of the peat spa was initiated by the Prussian Countess Anna of Asseburg, who carried out the first successful tests using the local peat for treatment in 1885. Thus the name Anne’s. In 1888 the spa had already been officially certified as medicinal and it was granted the right to use the label sulphur peat spa.

In 1891 a large spa house in a Swiss style was built on today’s lands. Baths were provided in both of its wings and the original procedure design has been maintained until today.

The beginning of the 20th century brought further boom of the Anne’s peat spa. A sulphur-ferrous spring was drilled in the Pheasantry in 1901 and named Anne-Maria’s. Due to its composition, the water is rated among ferrous mineral waters.

In 1936 a new comfortable hotel was built, the present Hotel Grand, and MUDr. Janeček adjusted the former Hotel U lázní and established the Water Treatment and Examination Institute. A sanatorium for children and youth focused on treatment of locomotor system disorders with a separate rehabilitation department and primary school facilities was established in 1963 in Villa Esplanade.

Until 1992, the spa was a part of Spa Poděbrady. In 1992 a company was founded and took the original name of Anne’s Peat Spa.

In 1995 the newly built Anna Marie spa hotel was opened. Hotel Grand was completed in 1998.

In the years to follow, Villa Karluška was reconstructed in the original style, Janeček spa hotel was completely modernized and Villa Stefanie was reconstructed. In 2003 we added a new rehabilitation swimming pool and at the end of 2005 the whole balneo centre was modernized. In 2008 the individual hotels were connected by roofed connecting footbridges.

In 2009 we finished the most extensive of our projects, Tree of Life Spa Resort, to be enjoyed by Czech as well as foreign guests. In 2014 Domov Vitalita, a registered social services facility was opened as a part of Hotel Grand. Both projects are rated by our clients as some of the best ones in the Czech Republic.

International airpoirts:

  • Praha (PRG) 116 km
  • Karlovy Vary (KLV) 247 km
  • München (MUC) 498 km
  • Nürnberg (NUE) 413 km
  • Frankfurt (FRA) 625 km
  • Wien (VIE) 360 km

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