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Classic Resort Treatment

7 nights / 23 treatments

Information about the Classic Resort Treatment:

Classic spa treatment is a comprehensive approach to wellness under the supervision of experienced doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs, using local natural healing resources, including Karlovy Vary mineral water. The mineral water for therapeutic baths in Savoy Westend is taken directly from the spring, preserving its unique composition and saturation with carbon dioxide.

Classic spa treatment is accompanied by a variety of rehabilitation services, which include physiotherapy and exercises, special dietary programs, education on healthy lifestyles and habits, with the possibility of combining treatment and various leisure and recreational activities.

This program is designed for 7, 10, 14 or 21 days. The minimum length of stay is 7 nights. For the best result we recommend to choose the program from 10 days. You will be supervised by the attending physician, who will give you at the end of your treatment a medical report with recommendations for further lifestyle, examination and treatment.


Stay Includes (per person/7 nights):

  • Accommodation
  • half board (breakfast and dinner in the form of buffé)
  • Classic resort treatment
    •  Consultative block
      • 1x Entry check – up with Spa physician
      • 1x Control check – up with Spa physician
      • 1x Final check – up with Spa physician
    • Diagnostic block
      • 1x Total blood test
      • 1x Blood glucose test
      • 1x Urinanalysis
      • 1x ACT level test
      • 1x ALT level test
      • 1x GGT
      • 1x Total bilirubin test
      • 1x Cholesterol
      • 1x Low Density Cholesterol
      • 1x High Density Cholesterol
      • 1x Triglycerides
      • 1x Creatinine
      • 1x Uric acid
      • 1x ECG
      • 1x Body monitoring – measuring fat, muscle mass and water, BMI and metabolic age
    • Treatment block
      • 3x Carbon dioxide / pearl bath
      • 3x Classic massage, by zones / reflexive massage
      • 2x Scottish jet shower
      • 3x Carboxytherapy (gas injections)
      • 3x Electrotherapy as prescribed by the doctor
      • 2x Applications of parafango or therapeutic peat mud by prescription
      • 3x Inhalation / Oxygen therapy / Gum irrigation
      • 2x Salt Cave
    • Therapeutic physiotherapy
      • 1x Physiotherapy – individual motion therapy
    • Health and wellness block
      • Daily drinking mineral water
      • Daily walking and hiking
      • Daily, unlimited thermal zone (swimming pool, sauna, hammam, Kneipp path, jacuzzi)
      • Daily, unlimited fitness, self-guided
      • 1x Breathing exercises workshop
      • Daily morning breathing exercises, self-guided
      • Daily evening relaxation exercise, self-guided

Price: from 1 695 € *

* Price for 1 person sharing a double room for 7 nights in low season

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