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Detox & Weight management

7 nights / 24 treatments

Information about the Detox & Weight management:

The Detox and Weight Management program is a great start to a healthy lifestyle that will help you get rid of extra pounds and achieve a slim silhouette. During the program you will enjoy an optimal combination of detoxification,  fitness, body aesthetics procedures, nutritional systém developed by the world’s leading nutritionists to reboot the body, a sustainable process of healthy weight loss, to achieve the ideal result. New habits of proper nutrition and conscious approach to your health will help to consolidate the result for a long time.

Specially designed program is available for 7, 10, 14 or 21 days. The minimum length of stay is 7 nights. For best results we recommend choosing the program from 10 days onwards.

During the detoxification program activates the processes of elimination of toxins and metabolic products. Already after a few days you will notice that your skin became radiant, the proces of digestion became more effective. Symptoms of abdominal discomfort have completely disappeared. Adherence to a physiological diet regime gives you the opportunity to develop a healthy habit, to see the results.


Stay Includes (per person/7 nights):

  • Accommodation
  • diet full board
  • Detox & Weight management programme
    • Consultative block
      • 1x Entry check – up with Spa physician
      • 1x Control check – up with Spa physician
      • 1x Final check – up with Spa physician
      • 1x Nutritionist consultation
      • 1x Consultation with a specialist as prescribed by the Spa physician (endocrinologist / gastroenterologist / gynecologist / urologist)
    • Diagnostic block
      • 1x Total blood test
      • 1x Urinanalysis
      • 1x Blood glucose test
      • 1x AST level test
      • 1x ALT level test
      • 1x Total bilirubin test
      • 1x Cholesterol
      • 1x Low Density Cholesterol
      • 1x High Density Cholesterol
      • 1x Triglycerides
      • 1x Uric acid
      • 1x Creatinine
      • 1x Body monitoring – measuring fat, muscle mass and water, BMI and metabolic age
      • 1x ECG
    • Treatment block
      • 3x Mineral bath
      • 1x Mineral bath with carbon dioxide
      • 3x Underwater hydro massage
      • 3x Lymphatic drainage
      • 2x Carboxytherapy (gas injections
      • 3x Classical massage – Spa treatments partial or reflexive massage
    • Spa treatments
      • 1x Body peeling with Dead Sea salt and green tea extracts
      • 1x Anticellulite forming massage – whole body and wrap
      • 2x Anticellulite massage
    • Therapeutic physiotherapy
      • 1x Physiotherapy – individual motion therapy
      • 4x Nordic walking
    • Health and wellness block
      • Daily drinking mineral water
      • Daily taking Carlsbad salt
      • Daily walking and hiking
      • Daily, unlimited thermal zone (swimming pool, sauna, hammam, Kneipp path, jacuzzi)
      • Daily, unlimited fitness, self-guided
      • 1x Breathing exercises workshop
      • Daily morning breathing exercises, self-guided
      • Daily evening relaxation exercise, self-guided

Price: from 2 452 € *

* Price for 1 person sharing a double room for 7 nights in low season

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